Vulnerability Assessment & Insight


Continuous Vulnerability Assessment & Validation 


Vulnerability Risk Insight, Industry Ranking and Decision-based Prioritization


Continuous Vulnerability  Remediation and Validation

Our Difference


Our success is measured when we are able to successfully partner with you to keep you compliant while mitigating risks associated with vulnerabilities found in your environment.



We are exclusively focused on delivering Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS). Our services are designed to mitigate vulnerability risk  while keeping you compliant.



Our service starts with initial vulnerability assessment. The assessment shows your vulnerability risk footprint. From there, we tailor a our service  to meet your business need. 



Mitigato is a managed security service provider focused on vulnerability management. Our services are tailored for your business.

Our primary goal is to keep you compliant, help you mitigate risk and partner with you to deliver world-class vulnerability insight for your business.


We scan your entire reachable network connected assets to discover vulnerabilities, exposure insight is provided, and pathway to mitigate risk delivered


Your vulnerability assessment compliance requirement are delivered to include continuous vulnerability assessment, fix validation and reporting


Understand your risk as it compares to the industry, gain valuable risk-based insight and prioritize remediation using data



Your vulnerabilities are fixed and validated based on your business requirements.

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Our Vision

Make lasting positive impact in the lives of those we encounter everyday

Our mission

To mitigate risk and keep our clients compliant.

Our Passion

Solving the toughest problems with humility and drive. 

Our Clients

Designed and tailored for your business

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